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15 Best iPhone and iPad Apps This Week

As per the latest reports, Apple App Store has somewhere around 834,000+ apps available for download with almost 417 apps being submitted and approved on an average every day. Finding those new and noteworthy ones can be a tough task. We plan to make it easier to find the best iPhone and iPad apps made available or updated over the past week. The list would include both free and paid apps (and games).
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Presence by People Power

Presence turns your spare iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a FREE WiFi video camera! It features real-time audio and video streaming, motion detection video alerts, and 2-way conversation mode. Presence is a very simple concept executed beautifully. Save big on expensive IP cameras and find a good use of your old iOS devices.

Couch Terror ($0.99)

Couch Terror is a brand new fun and addictive game for your iPhone and iPad. Annoy the couch surfer Uncle Mike while he tries to sleep. Start messing with him and try to wake him up using toys like passing gas, a finger poke, model air plane, firecrackers, and much more.

Solar : Weather (Free)

This impressive weather app has just gone free for a while. So grab it before it’s too late. There is no dearth of weather apps in the App store, but Solar : Weather is arguably the best designed one out there. The reason to use Solar : Weather is its interface and intuitive control, both of which beat out any comparable iPhone app.

Cleaner – Remove Multiple Contacts Fast (Free)

This is yet another popular application which has gone free recently. This is possibly the best app to find, merge and remove duplicate contacts in one click. What more? You can backup your contacts in one click as well.

Mittens ($0.99)

Disney is back after Where’s My Water? with a brand new physics-puzzle game called Mittens. It features Mittens the cat, who has to make his way through 75 puzzle levels reminiscent of Cut the Rope.

Suno ($0.99)

If you’ve been following this blog, you should know how crazy we are with alarm clock apps. Suno is a worthy addition to that list. Suno uses your iPhone screen and flashlight to gradually brighten your bedroom ahead of your scheduled wake-up time, mimicking dawn. Watch the video demo to know more.

Winston (Free)

We have had loads of news apps for iPhone and iPad. The new kid in the block is Winston. It acts like your assistant by sucking down your feeds, cutting the content to size, and then reading you the news! Though it’s in early development stage, Winston is definitely worth a try.

HLP Flashlight (Free)

Do not dare to search for flashlight apps on the App store, unless you are specifically looking for HLP Flashlight. Except for the name, nothing else is boring about this app. It boasts a beautiful UI and a gorgeous UX. It integrates the digital compass and comes with a dedicated SOS setting.

Fetch ($5.49)

Fetch is a nice adventure game about a boy named Milo who loves his dog Bear. The aim is to help Milo save his dog. The more you play the game the bigger chances you have of saving Bear. Being a dog lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. $5.49 might be too steep for many, but well worth it.

SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard (Free)

System Utility Dashboard is a neatly designed app to monitor disk space, memory space, network, CPU usage, battery life, and internet speed in real time. The app tracks running background & system processes, as well as a device’s cellular and Wi-Fi network connections and data uses.

Vdio (Subscription)

This iPad only app is made by the folks behind the popular music app, Rdio. You can buy and rent movies & TV shows, just like on iTunes, but the discovery feature sets it apart from the competition.Airplay support sweetens the deal a bit more.

Reeder for iPad (Free)

Reeder is possibly the most popular RSS feed reader app on iPhone. Surprisingly, the developer has decided to make the iPad and Mac version free to download (previously $4.99). The iPhone version of Reeder remains paid, and can be downloaded from iTunes for $2.99.

CaptureAudio ($1.99)

CaptureAudio is a brand new vision for recording voice memos on your iPhone and iPod touch. With CaptureAudio, your audio recordings can be sorted into binders and notebooks. More importantly, while recording you can quickly and easily mark significant points with audio markers called “Flags” to immediately start playing from that moment during playback.

PopAGraph (Free)

Success of apps like Instagram resulted in a plethora of photo-editing apps on the app store. PopAGraph tries to break the monotony by lifting the portion of an image to create a 3D effect

Badland ($3.99)

Add Badland to the list of beautiful indie games on iOS. This new game has 40 truly unique levels with amazing ambience. Multiplayer mode supports up to 4 players.

Source : TechApp

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