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17 tips to accessorize your home

says artist Bose Krishnamachari, as he talks all about 17 points to keep in mind while accessorizing a house.

A home should be like a chess board with pieces waiting to be moved around. Accessories are the accompanying artists to the walls, ceiling, floor, doors and windows — the central characters inside the home. What accessories bring indoors is the magic of reflecting faces that keep on changing every week.

I would like to bend towards history whenever I pick up a piece for my home even if it is from the streets. I would like to borrow shamelessly — enjoy freedom without caveats when I pick up art or design. Every 'product', each one of them was art once upon a time before we came across clones of the original!

Great art looks and shares diverse faces every day. Art is like a great actor or an actress who carries out a highly individualistic attitude and style that is consistently transforming, but with considerate ease.

Aesthetically, I love extremities co-existing maximally in conjoined spaces. Memoirs of traditions and anticipations about the future, juxtaposed against each other through collected and contemporary works. We need a lot of empty (negative) spaces to accommodate and activate art (positive) and other objects (found and existing), I do not like the term object just as I dislike objectifying anything. Nothing at home is an object. It is a part of the self. It is art — a mirror of one's own personality, one's own persona.

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge or a Zaha Hadid furniture turn into sculptures at home without taking any permanent space, which should be true for everything — a couch or a dining table — inside the home.

New art is not necessarily familiar. If someone were to comment that he or she could not relate to certain works, then that opens up the possibilities of exploring fascinating territories, new discoveries and mind blowing inventions.

I love the diversities co-existing within the interiors. It is like our country — many countries within a country; within a continent! It is is the same with my family. I love differences of views that bring forth a channelled warmth of homely fragrance — my friends, my kids and my wife brings the whole spirit of living within art and art in living! I believe in what I pick up for my home — love to pluck from history to adopt the flavours of fleeting time and timeless art. Here is my favourite list:

1. Marc Newson chair to watch movies like Metropolis by Fritz Lang, Alphaville by Godard and some Luc Besson and Wim Wenders.

2. Ettore Sotssas' book shelf full of sources of knowledge including DVDs

3. Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, Gerard Richter, Jeff Koons and Aei Wei Wei (Fuck Off series photographs) on the walls of my living room.

4. Frank O, Gehry corrugated chairs in the reading room next to Alfred A Bailey wine rack.

5. Philip Stark flower vase, coasters by Divya's Design Temple and bird-Flask by Micheal Graves on a Zaha Hadid coffee table.

6. Colour spectrum-clock from Metropolitan Museum, NY.

7. Bang & Olufsen music system.

8. An iMac and an Olivetty typewriter by Ettore Sotssas on a Doug Aitcken study table.

9. Dot paintings by Damien Hirst on a minimalist wall next to an Anish Kapoor pigment work.

10. Gandhi Ashram and Empty Spaces photographs by Dayanita Singh in the prayer room.

11. A couch by Jean Paul Gaultier.

12. Ravi Varma oleographs and fake film posters by Prasad Raghavan, framed in museum glass.

13. Miniature collection of Vitra Museum designs in cove lit wall.

14. Kitchen full of cutlery from MoMA Design shop and coasters etc from Divya's 'Design Temple'.

15. ET light by Karim Rashid for Artimide on a Shiro Kuramata shelf.

16. Sandalwood Che Guevara, Gandhi and a Buddha portrait carved by traditional carpenters and artist Sadanandan's 'Krishnaleela', a traditional Kerala wall mural.

17. My son Aaryan, and my daughter Kanaki, along with my partner Radhika make my desires very much at home.

Source : TOI
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