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Discussion On Nagarjuna's GB Moves

For every hero there will ups and down, but market will not come down if their films are releasing continuously and not pushing distributors into losses. But ensuring for the release of films in a row, Nag is making some risky moves.


Film industry is discussing a lot about the Good-Bad moves of King Nagarjuna as the veteran hero is continuously facing heat with those moves. Many of Nagarjuna's movies in the recent days are falling in financial deficits. This situation is getting repeated from his 'Don', and films like 'Rajanna', 'Damarukam' and even 'Greekuveerudu' have faced it. All the time, Nagarjuna is investing money from his pocket to save those films from last minute crisis. As a hero he can just walk away taking away his remuneration, but it is his 'good' heart that is making those flicks release. But what is Nag getting finally with them? There is no profit for him in those helpings.

Cine analysts say that Nagarjuna is focusing on the image of Akkineni family and hence he is making every movie release despite of deficits. However, this is looking like a complete 'bad' move. Rather Nag himself investing into the flick, maybe he should control the budget of flick during the making only.
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