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Dropbox Pulls The Plug On Boxopus

The recently-announced torrent download service Boxopus has taken a major hit after top file-sharing site Dropbox.com decided to disallow access to its API (Application Programming Interface). The website basically allowed users to download torrents and store them directly in their DropBox accounts, making it convenient to access the data from multiple platforms. The clever idea of combining the two higly popular file-sharing methods didn't take long to catch on, which is evident from the 50,000+ registrations within a fortnight that the service currently boasts of. Several torrent sites even added a dedicated Boxopus button to make things easier for visitors.
This clearly didn't go down well with the Dropbox team, which has faced uncomfortable questions in the past for facilitating distribution of copyrighted material through its shared folders feature. Dropbox had this to say about the matter: "It's come to our attention that latest Boxopus features could be perceived as encouraging users to violate copyright using Dropbox… We recommend removing Dropbox integration from Boxopus".
The Boxopus team however, begs to differ, claiming that their app is in "full compliance of DMCA [US copyright law] and Dropbox Terms of Service".  In a press release, the team mentions that it is surprised and hurt at this exclusion, and Dropbox's move "makes it hard to believe that developers are treated fairly and innovation is welcomed". It also adds that it is talking to other cloud-based file hosting services to keep the project going.

Let's hope that Boxopus finds a willing partner — after all, if your site was blocked merely on the suspicion that people could misuse your services, half the web would become inaccessible!

Source : techtree.com
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