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Fact Sheet: Craze for Mahesh in Bangalore

Mahesh Babu's popularity is growing by leaps & bounds. If someone still has any doubts they have to check the video clip showing huge rush when the Superstar visited Bangalore recently for the opening of Jos Alukkas showroom.


After reaching the venue and waiting for sometime till he got the clearance, the actor got down from his vehicle  and immediately waved his hand towards the people waiting to have a glance of him. He was escorted by the police and the management till the entrance.

The visuals were a bit scary as a single untoward incident could result in stampede and may have ended up incurring unrepairable loss. Both the cops and the management had to spend few tense moments until the actor passed through the excited crowd for entering the new outlet.

Remember, all that we have discussed until now didn't happen anywhere in Andhra, but Karnataka. That shows his gifted ability to cross barriers effortlessly

Source : Gulte

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