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Google+ comments launched to compete with Facebook Comments

This may prove to be a big push for popularity of Google+ as well as a big boon to thousands of publishers across the web. According to an announcement yesterday, Google has introduced Google+ Comments on their blogger platform. And from what I have seen, I am thoroughly impressed with it.

But first – What is Google+ Comments?

If you are a blogger or a web publisher, communicating and interacting with your visitors is one of the most important aspects for you. In all probability you already have commenting functionality built into your website.

However, one issue with having your own commenting system is that you can view only the discussions that happen on your website. If someone shares your article on a Social Media Platform like Google+ or Facebook, you are unable to view those. So, essentially your discussions are fragmented and you have to go to various different platforms to see and respond.

Facebook Comments was the first to take advantage of this – In 2009, they introduced Facebook Comments and hundreds and thousands of publishers made Facebook comments are their default commenting system

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