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Gouravam Movie Review

Movie : Gouravam
Rating: 2/5
Cast : Allu Sirish, Yami Gautham, Prakash Raj and Others
Directed by : Radha Mohan
Produced by : Prakash Raj
Banner : Prakash Raj Productions
Music : SS Thaman
Release Date : 2013-04-19

Allu Sirish, younger son of Allu Aravind made debut with Gouravam, which is a pure bilingual that released in Telugu and Tamil on Friday. Here is the review...

What is it about?

Arjun (Sirish) goes to a village on business work and finds to know that his best friend has been missing from six months. Arjun tries to find out the truth behind the missing mystery, but he gets nil support from everybody. With frequent threats from the higher caste people from that village, Arjun calls all his friends to that village to support him. Finally they find out the truth and the reasons for that.


Allu Sirish didn't try to do any commercial movie. He opted for an offbeat film and that should be commended. However, as an actor he has to groom himself much more than this. Having good physique itself doesn't make you a movie star. Sirish's performance is pretty bad. He didn't know to give simple reactions to the dialogues mouthed by fellow characters. His awkward body language and not so impressive screen presence further worsened his debut performance. He can't dance and there is no ease in fights. To cut things short, Allu Sirish has to start everything from the scratch and do that as early as possible. Or else people will write him off in no time.

Yami Gowtham did a decent job and she looked gorgeous. Prakash Raj is as dignified as ever. Brahmaji has given a good performance and the guy who played the main villain is strictly okay. LB Sriram is convincing as the father in misery.

Music by Thaman is alright. There is nothing to write home about it. Just a plain background score and a couple of tad ordinary songs. Cinematography is good though. Perhaps the only bright spot in this film. Editing is not up to the mark. There is too much lag and it could have been trimmed by a good fifteen minutes. Prakash Raj should be lauded for making an honest attempt. Director Radha Mohan failed to live up to his credentials this time. This is a poor film from the talented director. He stuck to his basics in choosing an offbeat story. But what lacked is the intent and entertainment. If not for entertainment the film should have enlightened a bit. Gouravam didn't fetch any brownie points for the director. Instead it may leave some black marks.


Gouravam is not a regular commercial film. It is an issue based attempt with a strong social message. In spite of having a good premise at hands the director spoiled it with messy direction. The story never takes off. It gets stuck at a point and remains there until the last act. This is a very bad screenplay technique. When things don't get moving, audience will feel restless and with its ultra slow pace Gouravam gets on to the nerves.

There a few good scenes and dialogue here and there, but on a whole the film disappoints. Climax is a huge let down. Gouravam is just an ordinary film under the name of something 'different'. Apart from the weak script and lethargic direction, the film failed due to bad lead actor. Films like these needs a strong lead and Allu Sirish failed to make a confident debut. He is definitely the biggest weak links for this movie. Not a good start for someone with filmy background.

Gouravam is not for the entertainment craving audience. It is a serious movie but unfortunately it will not be relished by the serious movies lovers too. There are too many weaknesses for this film to stay put and survive at the box office. It is left to the makers to promote the film aggressively and make it work as much as possible.

Verdict: Not a respectable debut for Sirish!

Source : Gulte
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