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Hero, Producer And Manager After Anjali

The missing episode of this tempting Telugu heroine has come to an end but not the speculations about her whereabouts in those five days. With many media reporting many insider information, here is a conglomerate of all.

Reportedly heroine Anjali went missing from the circuits for five days accusing her step-mother and baabai of torturing her. After all the high-drama that unfolded, she appeared finally infront of Hyderabad police and stated that all is well.  Few media sources reported that Anjali has spent time with a young hero during that time.

They have quoted her step-mother's words that Anjali is in love with a young hero as a reference. Some channels however reported that Anjali had spent time at the guest house of a noted producer. The producer is heard showing special interest in this hot heroine and helped her execute all the drama. Finally some say that Anjali's manager knows everything and he is the kingpin of the whole episode.

Until Anjali reveals what exactly happened within the family and with industry people, we cannot come to any conclusion for now. Till then, enjoy these news as gossips

source : gulte
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