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Huawei Ascend G510 Review: A Value for Money Device

In the face of flagships flaunting drool-inducing specs and mind-boggling features, it’s easy to overlook devices at the lower end of the smartphone spectrum. Just as gargantuan signboards and full-page newspaper advertisements peddle handsets costing upwards of Rs 35k ($650), it’s the budget and mid-range devices that actually sell in larger numbers and deliver value for money.

And thankfully, specs that could hitherto be claimed by premium brands and high-end phones are trickling down into the budget segment as well – from multi-core CPUs to large screens – it’s all there for the taking even if you don’t want to part with a lot of moolah. Huawei’s Ascend G510 seems like one such contender, and we’ll be putting it through its paces to figure out how much of a value it delivers for its relatively light price tag.

Encased in black plastic with rounded corners, the Ascend G510 isn’t going to get you brownie points for looks. It’s a plain Jane device which is mostly all screen at the front, with Huawei branding on top and the usual three capacitive keys at its bottom. The rear of the phone is a tad more flamboyant, but only relatively speaking. It’s textured, which means that there’s no chance of smudging it or getting it covered with fingerprints, and is quite grippy too. On top is the camera lens encircled by a chrome ring and a circular protrusion that’s reminiscent of the HTC One X, although the one on the latter juts out more

This is flanked by speaker on the left, and an LED flash on the right. There’s a Huawei logo under it, and a DTS logo at the bottom that flaunts its audio prowess. The right spine is completely barren, and all the action has been reserved for the left, with the power / sleep key, the volume rocker, and the microUSB port all placed on that side. The top is home for a 3.5mm audio socket, while at the bottom there’s nothing save a hole for the microphone. Overall, it’s a simple black slab with a plasticky yet decent build, good grip, and a design that’s going to help if you don’t want to attract attention.

Rating: 7/10

Source : TechApp
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