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Naidu's 'Heritage' Belongs To Me

Actor Mohan Babu has always been famous for his straightforward and upfront statements. This time, he seems to have taken a new offensive and the target was the TDP president Chandrababu Naidu. This happened during the media briefing on the eve of completion of 20 years of the film ‘Major Chandrakanth’.
Sharing his thoughts, it is heard that Mohan Babu gave few off the record bytes. He has reportedly stated that the total plan of ‘Heritage’ was his and he had brought the fund with three rupees interest. Mohan Babu reportedly added that though he went to court, Chandrababu won the case.
The collection king stated that Naidu cheated him big time. That way, whatever ‘off the record’ statements he gave were some shocking news to the media. After hearing these statements, doubts are bound to rise as to who is the real owner of Heritage. While no one knows how much is true in this but one thing is sure that Mohan Babu dropped a big bomb on Chandrababu Naidu.

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