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TDP's 200 Days Festival Scares Opponents

Weather might be adverse, sun is hot, roads are bad and even doctors advised him to stop it, but still there is no reversal of decision for this most applauded Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Making a movie run for 200 days is easy, but walking for 200 days is not a joke in real life.

Here goes Telugudesam Chief Chandrababu Naidu who is walking without any break from last year October 2nd for the sake of welfare of people. At the age of 63, Naidu completed 2735 kilometres of walking in his walkathon titled 'Vastunna Meekosam'. After starting this walkathon last year on October 2nd, he went through some tough phases of falling down from stage, poor roads and spoiled health, but still makes sure that he completes 200 days. While doctors are advising Naidu to take a break, the dedicated former chief minister is not listening to them. Telugudesam party cadres are celebrating this '200 days' as a big festival and all these happenings are scaring opponents. Most people have realized by now that Naidu is the only saviour of this state that is getting troubled from all corners.

TDP Chief however is not willing to stop the yaatra until he reaches every untouched part of this state by any officials all these days. Who else had such dedication in this state to walk relentlessly for the sake of people, except shouting all the time that only 'their family' will save AP.

Source ; Gulte
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