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Don't Worry We Have Our Own Version Of Trump

There are two things that are making headlines these days – Olympics and Donald Trump.
While most of the Asians (includes sub-continent India) have traditionally been supporters of the Democrats, the recent Grand Old Party (GOP) convention saw the rise of GOP supporters in the form of Telugu NRIs as well.
Whereas the party may not necessarily like Trump, being GOP they had seldom choice but to support Trump. However the main contender here is TRUMP! A man defying all odds of a conventional election, made his way through into the mainstream politics. A man who knew only business in his lifetime, wakes up these days talking about politics and tries to pitch his candidature.
Any NRI or a resident Indian who has some interest in international politics must be following Trump closely. This is one man whom you would love to hate. A man who is best at flip-flopping words, a mind that is filled with narcissism, disagreeableness, grandiosity and a character that deems he can change the fate of America. A man who thinks he can rewrite history and he who thinks is equivalent to the likes of Lincoln, Reagan. He who says he has sacrificed his life by creating thousands of jobs – Alas!
Sounds familiar? Does it ring a bell? Do you think you have heard similar promises and sacrifices in someone else’s lifetime? Yes, you got it, it’s our very own Chandrababu. Two distinct locations yet, two similar characters. Now think closely what makes them similar personalities?
Flip-Flopping: Trump and CBN are both best at transposing words. They may say something today and rightly contradict tomorrow. Be it the hacked emails or waiver of farmer loans, abortion issue (3 different views in 8 hrs.) or AP special status issue. The duo are doing their best to keep their citizens confused.
Boost: Perhaps the best asset both the leaders have is to infuse self-confidence (or did I say over confidence). They are extremely good at projecting self. While one leader says he created jobs, donated millions, the other leader has a list of accomplishments which amounts to 1000 multiplied to his age, few among them are making Satya Nadella the CEO, bringing IT industry to Hyderabad and India, bringing Silver medal to P.V. Sindhu et al.
Arrogance: Yet among all the strengths the one that stands out is bigotry. 9 years of supremacy and being guileful are some of the characteristics that shape the beloved CM. I should say he certainly takes a lead over Trump here! Never loses a chance upon to get to the top albeit in wrongful means. Trump on the other hand played divisional politics and gained the nomination.
Opportunist politics: Man….I love writing this article. Search for the meaning Opportunism and it says ‘the taking of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of principles’. Reading the last 3 words best defines these leaders. Raking the Caucasian sentiments, promising that first comes to the mind and no solid policy in hand Trump managed to gain the top nomination of 2016. And here is another gentleman who with his two-eyed policy, and behaving like a monarch did enough damage to the state. And did he learn any lessons from the past – nope. He is still our good old CM.
Surreptitious: Secretive as then can get. Being a leader one needs to be transparent. While the whole world watches, Trump doesn’t bother to reveal his tax filings. From Warren Buffet to Bloomberg, each one demand to his taxes, yet Trump doesn’t care. Our other leader who started his political career with 2 acres of land merely owns 35 lakhs worth bungalow in Hyderabad and few other properties to his credit. In what sense do these leaders justify their declarations?
While the Olympics mark the end date of 21st and the US election on November 8th, the AP state will however continue to be interesting with more unfulfilled promises and other sneaky activities until 2019 under the able (unable) leadership of the beloved CM!
- Unknown, Dallas
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