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Pawan's Producer Paid 8.5 Crs To Nayeem

Most dreaded gangster Nayeem's links with the political and police circles are being discussed openly in the media. Apart from threatening the city's rich and famous, Nayeem allegedly made several extortion calls even to a few Tollywood celebrities.

Even before public could sink in the news of Nayeem threatening a star heroine and encroaching 6 acres of her land on Hyderabad's outskirts, a latest report about a star Tollywood producer spending sleepless nights due to fear of death from Nayeem is rattling the film industry.

According to the reports, Nayeem threatened a leading Tollywood producer who produced a film with Pawan Kalyan and warned him to transfer hundreds of crores of assets in the city on his name.

The said producer approached the police top brass but they expressed their helplessness. After spending several sleepless nights fearing for his and his family members' life, the producer mediated with Nayeem and settled the deal by paying the gangster 8.50 crores.

Nayeem also threatened several other Tollywood producers for money and he was also reportedly in talks with a few star directors to produce a film before he contested in 2019 elections as an MLA - See more at: http://www.gulte.com/movienews/51318/Pawans-Producer-Paid-8-5-Crs-To-Nayeem#sthash.l6roNAGy.dpuf
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